Update after a long time

It’s been too long since a proper update.
2 new releases in this time – Lawine & Remek – split LP and Hyena – S/T LP
Both releases are up on band’s bandcamp pages.

Hyena has just done a summer tour across Europe to promote the freshly released Self titled LP and here you can watch a video of them playing at Fluff Fest.

Leechfeast is after a long time finally at the end of mixing their record so we can expect it by the end of the year.

Our Discogs profile is regularly updated with new records in the distro, so if you feel like buying some of our releases and some other records on top of that, head over there and check out what we got!

Hyena’s LP cover by Alex CF


Just a short update

Leechfeast & Meth Drinker – Split LP (2nd press) is out!
You can order it via email or on Discogs

Our next release is Lawine & Remek – Split LP
This is gonna be the first record we are gonna release on our own.

Deaf Kids tour starts this Friday!


Deaf Kids European Tour

So this amazing band first blew my mind away when I heard their song on CVLT Nation’s Pure Filth Mix Tape, got a chance to meet them and see them live the same year and they did not disappoint!!
They’re returning to Europe this summer for a month and a half long tour and we’re trying to help them out with booking.
The tour plan is below, it would be amazing if people could help out with some shows!

Write to: footpank@gmail.com

Deaf Kids Facebook
Deaf Kids Bandcamp

Deaf Kids Summer 2016 tour:
30. jun – Amsterdam (NL)
01. jul – Leiden (NL)
02. jul – Rotterdam (NL)
03. jul – Nijmegen (NL)
04. jul – Bremen (D)
05. jul – Leipzig // Dresden (D) NEED HELP!
06. jul – Berlin (D)
07. jul – Poznan (PL) NEED HELP!
08. jul – Dresden // Berlin (D) NEED HELP!
09. jul – Rostock // Berlin // Potsdam (D) NEED HELP!
10. jul – Malmø (S) // Kopenhagen (DK) NEED HELP!
11. jul – Oslo (N) NEED HELP!
12. jul – Ørebro // Stockholm (S) NEED HELP!

13. jul – Gothenburg (S)
14. jul – Kopenhagen (DK) // Malmø (S) NEED HELP!
15. jul – Hamburg (D)
16. jul – Groningen (NL)
17. jul – Brussels (B) NEED HELP!
18. jul – Paris (F)
19. jul – Tours (F)
20. jul – Nantes (F)
21. jul – Bordeaux (F) NEED HELP!
22. jul – Donostia // Zarautz // Amurrio (Basque) NEED HELP!

23. jul – Barcelona (E)
24. jul – Grenoble (F) w/ SATAN
25. jul – Geneva (CH) w/ SATAN NEED HELP!
26. jul – Genova (I) w/ SATAN NEED HELP!
27. jul – Milano // Bologna // Padova (I) w/ SATAN NEED HELP!
28. jul – Koper (SLO) // Trieste (I) w/ SATAN NEED HELP!

29. jul – Rijeka (HR) NO SANCTUARY
30. jul – Rijeka (HR) NO SANCTUARY
31. jul – Zadar (HR) // day off in Rijeka
01. aug – Zagreb (HR) // Zadar (HR) NEED HELP!
02. aug – Budapest (H) // Zagreb (HR) NEED HELP!
03. aug – Bratislava (SK) // Budapest (H) // Vienna (A) NEED HELP!
04. aug – Graz (A) / Ljubljana // Postojna // Ilirska Bistrica (SLO) NEED HELP!

05. aug – Pula @ Monte Paradiso festival (HR) ???
06. aug – Pula @ Monte Paradiso festival (HR) ???
07. aug – Trieste // Venezia (I) // Postojna (SLO) NEED HELP!
08. aug – Milano // Monza // Brescia (I) NEED HELP!
09. aug – Zurich // Winterthur (CH) NEED HELP!
10. aug – Bern // Biel (CH) NEED HELP!
11. aug – Freiburg (D) // Strasbourg (F) NEED HELP!
12. aug – Tubingen // Karlsruhe (D) NEED HELP!
13. aug – Luxembourg // Liege // Leuven (B) NEED HELP!
14. aug – Belgium NEED HELP!
15. aug – The Netherlands NEED HELP!

Here we go

So very little online activity as always, but a lot is happening!

Right now we’re busy with a repress of the Leechfeast/Meth Drinker Split LP.
It was released last summer by Dry Cough & Raw Birth, but sold out very fast, so we’re doing another press of 300copies with Dry Cough. Things are already quite finished so hopefully we’ll have it in the beggining of April
The Leechfeast LP is gonna take a bit longer than planned, due to some line up changes. They are touring in May though. You can check the dates in Tours section.

There’s also a slight change in the Remek 7″ release. This has turned into a split LP with Lawine and both bands are recording in February, so we’re expecting to have this somewhere in the spring.

We also finally managed to put all of the records in our distro on Discogs, so if you are in need of some and you wanna support our future releases head over to our Discogs profile

Erik is also organizing DIY Fest here in Nijmegen in May
Again a great weekend of great bands, radical politics, delicious food, great dancepartys and nice people to celebrate autonome spaces and DIY culture.

We are also booking a tour for our brasilian friends Deaf Kids
We met this amazing trio back in 2014 when they toured here and we’re doing our best to halp them out with booking of ther month and a half long summer tour.
If you can help in any kind of way, with a show or contacts, we would really appreciate it!
The exact dates for their tour can be also seen in Tours section.

So quite some stuff going on at the moment…
Maybe not too label related, but on the other hand also very people running this label related. We both play in a band together, and we just finished our LP, which will be released by Contraszt Rec. We’re still looking for another (preferably a US) label to join in. So if you’re interested drop us a line and we can send you the recordings from the upcoming LP.
You can hear the old recordings here – Crevasse

And here’s anothe photo of us from the recording


New releases

So we just got our copies of the Sickmark/Constraint split. Amazing piece of vinyl we co-released with Nerve Altar (us).
Get in touch if you wanna buy/trade some!
Since we still have some pieces of both Sickmark 7inches, you can get all 3 for 10€!

Our next 2 releases are super special for us! Obviously cause we have a strong connection to both of the bands, but also cause these 2 releases will be the first one we’re gonna release on our own with bands.

Remek have been close friends forever and blew our mind years ago, when we first saw them play live at Fluff fest. These 4 passionate sweethearts making really emotional, yet very energetic music, definitely git a special place in our hearts and we’re really happy to be part of the upcoming 7″, which will follow last year’s full lenght. If things go as planned we should have this release in the beginning of 2016.

Leechfeast goes even further back and even closer to us, since half of this label is part of it haha. They have been around for 5 years now, toured a bunch and have quite some releases behind them, including this year’s split LP with Meth Drinker and last year’s split 7″ with Marnost (which also shares members with Remek), that we were also part of. Excited we can co-release this LP with the band. Recording is planned for November, so we’re hoping to have this out in early 2016 as well.


Both of us have been extremely busy with organizing festivals, touring, driving cars to Berlin, working and dealing with shit BUT its all been worth it and we have some great stuff coming up!
In the first week of June we will have our share of the Sickmark ST2 in our possesion and we are more than happy to share this magnificent 7inch with all of you.

Sickmark is an amazing band from Bielefeld and I’m not gonna do a shitty explanation of their band when they have their new 7inch up for streaming on good old Bandcamp

Other news that we would like to share with you..
We have the new Meth Drinker/Leechfeast 12″ which is an amazing record as well if you like doom/sludge and DIY bands. Seriously good stuff… Its so good that someone that doesn’t like doom music (me) even likes it..crazy right?
Full stream on CVLT Nation

We probably do the new split of Sickmark with Constraint from the Americas..we are discussing stuff now..like money and format, really interesting!
AND we will do the next record from Remek… Remek is the best band at the moment in Europe apart from Dire straits but they dont really play anymore.

Okay that’s it for now..thanks for reading this and we get way to less emails so send us an email and always feel free to ask us for trades!

This is Leechfeast in 2011..the two people on the right are running the label..the other onse don’t

Upcoming tours

Our distro is gonna be our a lot in the next months, so come buy records and support the upcoming releases, cause we’re broke
Crevasse & Lawine is leaving on tour in a bit more than 2 weeks, Leechfeast is doing some shows next week and our friend Leki is touring around for the next month with Amor Fizz from Argentina and after that for another month with Nature boys from Kansas City, so he’ll have part of our distro with him.

Amor Fizz has a lot of problems with the tour, since the tour booker ended up in a hospital for weeks, which left a huuuuuge hole in the middle of their tour so if anyone can help them out with a last minute show that would be amazing, cause they’re losing a lot of money flying to Europe and not playing shows for half of their tour.
They can also do acoustic shows, so if you can help out get in touch with Leki:
01/04 Hannover @ House Project Acoustic show
02/04 Germany NEED HELP
03/04 Germany NEED HELP
04/04 Germany NEED HELP
05/04 Germany NEED HELP
06/04 Germany NEED HELP
07/04 Germany / Austria / Czech NEED HELP
08/04 Slovenia NEED HELP
09/04 Rijeka @ Podrum
10/04 Zagreb @ Klaonica Anarchist bookfair
11/04 Wien TBC
12/04 Prague Klinika
13/04 Liberec @ Azyl pivni bar
14/04 Germany / Czech NEED HELP
15/04 Germany NEED HELP
16/04 Germany NEED HELP
17/04 Leipzig @ Liwi
18/04 Berlin @ KØPI

You can find all the shows where our distro’s gonna be at the Tours section

Rope or Guillotine


We finally managed to get this website look nice and updated. We’ll be keeping everything updated, there’s a bunch of different pages where you can check what we’re all about, what we released so far, what’s coming up, what shows are we setting up, where and with what bands will our distro be with etc…