Both of us have been extremely busy with organizing festivals, touring, driving cars to Berlin, working and dealing with shit BUT its all been worth it and we have some great stuff coming up!
In the first week of June we will have our share of the Sickmark ST2 in our possesion and we are more than happy to share this magnificent 7inch with all of you.

Sickmark is an amazing band from Bielefeld and I’m not gonna do a shitty explanation of their band when they have their new 7inch up for streaming on good old Bandcamp

Other news that we would like to share with you..
We have the new Meth Drinker/Leechfeast 12″ which is an amazing record as well if you like doom/sludge and DIY bands. Seriously good stuff… Its so good that someone that doesn’t like doom music (me) even likes it..crazy right?
Full stream on CVLT Nation

We probably do the new split of Sickmark with Constraint from the Americas..we are discussing stuff money and format, really interesting!
AND we will do the next record from Remek… Remek is the best band at the moment in Europe apart from Dire straits but they dont really play anymore.

Okay that’s it for now..thanks for reading this and we get way to less emails so send us an email and always feel free to ask us for trades!

This is Leechfeast in 2011..the two people on the right are running the label..the other onse don’t