Hyena - S/T LP

Hyena brings us the finest of spanish crust with great melodies creating that gloomy atmosphere driven by d-beating drums and vocals full of despair. Happy to be part of this release we jumped on last minute A co-release with Pifia (Asturies / Germany), La Agonía de Vivir (Madrid), Dingleberry (Germany), Ojalä Me Muera (Barcelona), Pundonor (Madrid), Potato (Belarus), Discos Finu (Madrid) and Revulsive Medias (France).

Lawine & Remek - Split LP

First record we’re releasing on our own, with 2 bands that are really close to us. Lawine is Nijmegen based band with an interesting twist. Very emotional post hardcore with a touch of Neil Young & Jimi. Remek has been around for a while, this czech screamo quartet brings one of the most emotional shows, I’ve ever seen. Their first release after the Self titled LP in 2014.

Leechfeast & Meth Drinker - Split LP 2nd press

A co-release with Dry Cough, this split from two of the best bands currently peddling grimy, disease-ridden punk-influenced sludge/doom. This EP features one track each from Slovenia’s Leechfeast, and New Zealand’s Meth Drinker. First press was released in 2015 by Dry Cough & Raw Birth

Sickmark & Constraint - Split 7"

A co-release with Nerve Altar, this 7" brings exactly what you would want from 2 fast, angry, nervous bands that make you wanna bang your head against the wall. 3rd Sickmark release in a row, that shows how we feel about this band. Constraint blows our mind with its noisy, heavy sound and desperate screams of negativity! Gotta love it!

Sickmark - ST2 7"

Probably our favourite powerviolence band, Sickmark continues with this 7" where they left off with the first one. Nervous. Unpredictable. Fast. Heavy. And again amazing artwork!

Sickmark - ST 7"

Powerviolence is back these days...its cool to listen to bands like Dropdead and Infest again...this obviously creates alot of crap bands but Sickmark from Bielefeld is amazing! everything about their music sounds super fast,brutal and fucked up..really amazing stuff with great vocals.also its the sweetest people you will ever meet!

ROG011 (Sold out)
Landverraad & Monday Suicide - Split LP

A super great record from two really hardworking bands that also tour a shitton.Our good friends Landverraad still stick to an amazing combination of fun, politics and raging hardcore that reminds me of RAMBO and Betercore. Monday Suicicde is an amazing band from Belarus that mix up hardcore punk with a taste of garage “rock” , nice people that do stuff beyond music..all in all this is again a great record.

Leechfeast & Marnost - Split 7"

Leechfeast is a great band from Slovenia and the Netherlands that really grew a name for themselves and if you like doom and sludge this is a must have. Marnost is a project band from the folks of Gattaca and Remek, they dont play much and they released some stuff.anyways good played black metal done by amazing people.super happy we are part of this.

Last copies available!

ROG009 (Sold out)
Grinding Halt & Pine Barrens - Split 7"

When Mark asked me if we wanna be part of this i thought it was a great idea..i always had a soft spot for Grinding Halt. I guess i really like stubborn bands that just keep on going and with a big DIY heart. Grinding Halt makes chaotic screamo but is also not affraid for a bit of sludge, powerviolence,grind or even dbeat, on this split they keep it slow though!Pine Barrens is a band from Manchester that makes really loud music that is hard to place..which makes it even better..good piece of vinyl!

Rivers Run Dry & Drip Of Lies - Split 7"

Two bands that are again really close to us and that we helped before.together they made a split which makes us really excited !
Rivers run dry from Hungary makes atmospeheric dark hardcore in the veins of Catharsis. Drip of lies from Poland takes you back to those times when From Ashes Rise was still cool..good bands, amazing split

Last copies available!

ROG007 (Sold out)
Rainmaker - ST 7"

Debut LP of this south swedish quartet. Their music can be compared with great french screamo outfit Daitro but also the atmospheric part of La Dispute can be found in thier music. Besides a great record these people are super passionate about their music and a great thing to see live..nothing but love!

ROG006 (Sold out)
Finisterre & Geranium - Split 7"

Finisterre always will have a special place in our hearts..really close friends of us and after alot of years playing everywhere in europe still an amazing and fun band. Its like watching Tragedy but than they actually have something to add and something to say.
Geranium from the Strassbourg area is also a great band and thats why this is such a great split cause its 2 amazing crust bands combined on one piece of vinyl. While typing this Ekkaia plays on my stereo and that's exactly how Geranium sounds!

ROG005 (Sold out)
Børedøm - ST 7"

Second record of this amazing band from Austria.The guitar riffs got even more crazy and the overall sound sounds like an exploding whale..really great record and something that we are really proud of. For fans of Tragedy, The Now Denial and basically every other record that makes you wanna throw your computer out of the window.

ROG004 (Sold out)
Remek & Paperplanecrash - Split 7"

PPC is a band that stood up from the ashes of the great Melete. They make an extremely catchy form of emo and indie, Remek one of my favourite bands at this time is probabaly one of the most passionate bands you will ever hear or see in your life..if you cant see them this piece of vinyl is gonna be the closest you are gonna get! For fans of early Envy and beautifull melodys and remember its okay to cry!

ROG003 (Sold out)
Landverraad - ST 7"

This great and super active band has been touring like crazy over the last year and became quite a thing!Fast music with great lyrics that always reminds me of Betercore, Limp Wrist and R.A.M.B.O...i mean good bands!
We released this 7inch with a bunch of friends and are very proud of it..also beautifull artwork from Helena!

ROG002 (Sold out)
Rivers Run Dry & Tyrannicide - Split 7"

One of the first records we released back in the day...and in our opinion one of the best!Rivers Run Dry is a band from Budapest that has been around for a really long time and played alot of shows. Their dark and epic sound which is influenced alot by bands (we really like) . The Spectacle and Catharsis to name a few.
Tyrannicide was a band from Amsterdam and Nijmegen. They split up 2 years ago but still they wrote some of the greatest songs ive heard from a dutch band..really good stuff!

ROG001 (Sold out)
Børedøm - ST LP

This first full length from this crust bulldozer from Austria is simply amazing. Every single guitar riff is a beast and the overall recording is really amazing.