Here we go

So very little online activity as always, but a lot is happening!

Right now we’re busy with a repress of the Leechfeast/Meth Drinker Split LP.
It was released last summer by Dry Cough & Raw Birth, but sold out very fast, so we’re doing another press of 300copies with Dry Cough. Things are already quite finished so hopefully we’ll have it in the beggining of April
The Leechfeast LP is gonna take a bit longer than planned, due to some line up changes. They are touring in May though. You can check the dates in Tours section.

There’s also a slight change in the Remek 7″ release. This has turned into a split LP with Lawine and both bands are recording in February, so we’re expecting to have this somewhere in the spring.

We also finally managed to put all of the records in our distro on Discogs, so if you are in need of some and you wanna support our future releases head over to our Discogs profile

Erik is also organizing DIY Fest here in Nijmegen in May
Again a great weekend of great bands, radical politics, delicious food, great dancepartys and nice people to celebrate autonome spaces and DIY culture.

We are also booking a tour for our brasilian friends Deaf Kids
We met this amazing trio back in 2014 when they toured here and we’re doing our best to halp them out with booking of ther month and a half long summer tour.
If you can help in any kind of way, with a show or contacts, we would really appreciate it!
The exact dates for their tour can be also seen in Tours section.

So quite some stuff going on at the moment…
Maybe not too label related, but on the other hand also very people running this label related. We both play in a band together, and we just finished our LP, which will be released by Contraszt Rec. We’re still looking for another (preferably a US) label to join in. So if you’re interested drop us a line and we can send you the recordings from the upcoming LP.
You can hear the old recordings here – Crevasse

And here’s anothe photo of us from the recording