New releases

So we just got our copies of the Sickmark/Constraint split. Amazing piece of vinyl we co-released with Nerve Altar (us).
Get in touch if you wanna buy/trade some!
Since we still have some pieces of both Sickmark 7inches, you can get all 3 for 10€!

Our next 2 releases are super special for us! Obviously cause we have a strong connection to both of the bands, but also cause these 2 releases will be the first one we’re gonna release on our own with bands.

Remek have been close friends forever and blew our mind years ago, when we first saw them play live at Fluff fest. These 4 passionate sweethearts making really emotional, yet very energetic music, definitely git a special place in our hearts and we’re really happy to be part of the upcoming 7″, which will follow last year’s full lenght. If things go as planned we should have this release in the beginning of 2016.

Leechfeast goes even further back and even closer to us, since half of this label is part of it haha. They have been around for 5 years now, toured a bunch and have quite some releases behind them, including this year’s split LP with Meth Drinker and last year’s split 7″ with Marnost (which also shares members with Remek), that we were also part of. Excited we can co-release this LP with the band. Recording is planned for November, so we’re hoping to have this out in early 2016 as well.