Upcoming tours

Our distro is gonna be our a lot in the next months, so come buy records and support the upcoming releases, cause we’re broke
Crevasse & Lawine is leaving on tour in a bit more than 2 weeks, Leechfeast is doing some shows next week and our friend Leki is touring around for the next month with Amor Fizz from Argentina and after that for another month with Nature boys from Kansas City, so he’ll have part of our distro with him.

Amor Fizz has a lot of problems with the tour, since the tour booker ended up in a hospital for weeks, which left a huuuuuge hole in the middle of their tour so if anyone can help them out with a last minute show that would be amazing, cause they’re losing a lot of money flying to Europe and not playing shows for half of their tour.
They can also do acoustic shows, so if you can help out get in touch with Leki:
01/04 Hannover @ House Project Acoustic show
02/04 Germany NEED HELP
03/04 Germany NEED HELP
04/04 Germany NEED HELP
05/04 Germany NEED HELP
06/04 Germany NEED HELP
07/04 Germany / Austria / Czech NEED HELP
08/04 Slovenia NEED HELP
09/04 Rijeka @ Podrum
10/04 Zagreb @ Klaonica Anarchist bookfair
11/04 Wien TBC
12/04 Prague Klinika
13/04 Liberec @ Azyl pivni bar
14/04 Germany / Czech NEED HELP
15/04 Germany NEED HELP
16/04 Germany NEED HELP
17/04 Leipzig @ Liwi
18/04 Berlin @ KØPI

You can find all the shows where our distro’s gonna be at the Tours section